RFI Bank

Bank For Electronic Commerce

The main direction of the Bank is the development of electronic commerce, both in Russia and abroad. RFI Bank is a principal member of Mastercard and an associate one of VISA. We have two fully certified processings: internet acquiring processing and card processing. Our bank can issue VISA, Mastercard & MIR cards.

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Main features

We are experts in electronic commerce. More than 20 years

Own processing

RFI Bank has its own processing certified by MasterCard, VISA, MIR. We provide processing services to financial institutions.

Experience 20 Years

We have a strong reputation and experience of 20 years on the Russian banking services market.

High-tech Solutions

Currently RFI Bank is a high-tech acquiring Bank with developed digital solutions.

Safety Certificates

The Bank has all necessary security certificates, including the certificate of compliance with the international card payment security standard PCI DSS.

Flexible Acquaring

Flexible and easy integration with online payments solution. We accept payments in EUR, USD&RUB and make payouts in EUR, USD, RUB.

Simple integration

We offer multiple ways of connecting merchants and support most programming languages. We realize also integration with foreign financial institutions.



The bank provides acquiring services and payments for various categories of merchants including foreign residents through foreign financial institutions integrated with our Bank. RFI Bank as an acquirer accepts both cards issued in Russia & abroad and makes payouts also to the cards issued in Russia & abroad.

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The Bank has its own processing center certificated in Visa and MasterCard which provides trading and Internet acquiring. Our development team will provide integration with foreign partners of almost any complexity.
Furthermore, we offer a Payroll Project for paying salaries to employees located in Russia by their foreign employers via integration with our card processing.

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Fraud & Risk Management

We detect and prevent fraud with our sophisticated risk monitoring tools, by performing KYC. Work with our expert anti-fraud team and benefit from our platform’s automated fraud and risk management features to keep your business and merchants safe. We comply with the code of ethics of banking, keeping bank secrecy and personal data of our customers

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About us

Reliable. Transparent. Legal.


Was established in 2000 as a non-banking financial institution


Was granted a bank license for conducting banking operations


Has embarked on the development of 
e-commerce and innovation in the field of payment solutions.


RFI Bank has been successfully
re-registered and granted a full bank license for performing banking operations issued by Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Licenses and certificates

We have all the necessary licenses for banking operations


ICE London 2020

Sigma Malta 2019

Ecom Expo 2019

Our awards

RFI Bank JSC was awarded a diploma for active participation in the activities of the MasterCard Member Association.

RFI Bank won the nomination “Innovative Breakthrough of the Year” in the III annual Golden Dragon Award.

RFI Bank received the golden palm branch on the 31st international exhibition TRUSTECH incorporates CARTES.

Press about us


RFI Bank acts in accordance with the requirements of regulations, constituent documents, requirements of the Central Bank and takes the necessary measures aimed at managing all types of risks. Our equipment meets international safety requirements, which is confirmed by licenses and certificates.

  • We pay special attention privacy and non-disclosure policies that may harm the organization;

  • Customer identification policy; anti-corruption and terrorist financing;

  • Control of conclusion of transactions and acquisition of securities;

  • Policy for interaction with regulatory and regulatory bodies.

Bank Management

Bank’s Shareholders

  • Stepan Popov - UBO & controlling person

  • Yuri Kosynkin

  • Igor Vargin

  • Alexander Razumovsky

Board of Directors

  • Stepan Popov - Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Mikhail Beliakov - Member of the Board of Directors

  • Sergei Cherkasov - Member of the Board of Directors

  • Yuri Kosynkin - Member of the Board of Directors

  • President – Anatoly Tkachuk

  • Vice-President – Anatoly Shepel

  • Vice-President – Elena Chizhevskaya

Bank’s Board Management

  • Yuri Kosynkin - Chairman of the Management Board

  • Inessa Karpenko - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

  • Svetlana Buidinova - Member of the Management Board, Chief Accountant

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